Early Summer Featured Ingredient

Our custom “Scent of the Month” enhances your connection with nature. As seasons change, nature provides us with an ever-changing landscape to enjoy, fall in love with, and miss when the bounty of the season has passed. It is with this change that we can learn, adapt, grow, share and offer more of ourselves. We formulate our “Scent of the Month” based on the nurturing our bodies require to thrive in the present. Please enjoy!
Our key player this month is basil. A holy oil used by Romans as an aphrodisiac, basil acts as a tonic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, digestive and nervine. It’s best used for relieving intellectual fatigue, low energy, nervousness and exhaustion. Basil restores vital forces in our bodies, strengthens our adrenals, clears our mind and uplifts our spirit. Try it in your meditation practice or add it to your bathwater. You can also add it to cleaning products as a natural antiseptic. In the month of August, Basil will be the featured addition to our subscription products.

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